Culture and Leading From the Front


“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”, a classic. The two common reactions are the eye roll or the praising. I think neither of those are the right answer.

Everything starts with an idea. Rome was started from two brothers on the side of a river and Amazon was started in a cubicle; what made those ideas expand from there was people joining that idea. If they didn’t have a culture to attract the right people those ideas would never have gotten anywhere. Culture is what allows growth and eventually, success.

One important tool for building good culture is faith. Having faith in your team, and your team having it in you is vital. Organizations like Hybrid Advertising use the “lead from the front” strategy to establish that faith.

Leading from the front is the most powerful tool in a leaders arsenal.

Leading from the front is a simple and incredibly effective way to make your team flourish. Work directly with people, show them you do the very processes you’re teaching, and get the results you expect from your team.

One of the key differences between Managers and Leaders is that while a manager see their mission as ‘to manage their people’ a leader sees their mission to ‘manage their process and grow their people

– Shannon Barrett, LinkedIn

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Another amazing tool leaders and new members alike can use to develop culture is the hours outside of work. An idea/routine I love to do is something as simple as taking the team to dinner at the end of the day. Everyone has to eat, why not do it together? When people know what you think about and like to do they can find common ground with you and in turn your organization, and in turn are far more likely to build their lives and their ambitions around the goals of their day to day tasks, because they have another reason to do them other than their paycheck at the end of the week.

Every day around the world empires are started, being able to build an organization that works is a privilege people get to experience every day. Build an environment you and the people around you can be enthusiastic about and your organization will flourish in any industry.

Alone you go fast, together you go far.

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