How to build a great Linkedin page and why it is so important


Having a proper Linkedin page has become more and more important year after year. Having a proper Linkedin page will help you build credibility, create new and meaningful connections with like minded people, and see insider expertise from those within the industry. These are all very important assets especially if you are starting something new, or trying to revamp something you already have.

If you are an entrepreneur on a new venture or a small business owner looking to expand your reach, Linkedin may be the most powerful tool around. Linkedin is the number one platform for business connections with close to 1 billion users (722 million as of January 2022). With this many users all looking for something similar, the potential for organic reach is much higher. If you do not have a Linkedin already or don’t post very often, there is no better time to start than now. Read more about the potential of Linked in with this article from Anangsha Alammyan over on http://Medium.com

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