Inside Vancouver: Getting Outdoors in Richmond


The hidden gems around the Lower Mainland are abundant, however they wouldn’t be hidden gems if they were well known! Inside Vancouver‘s Taryn Eyton has done a fantastic job bringing a few of these places to light.

Whale Watching

Based out of Steveston, there is a company that will take you on an exhilarating, and beautiful adventure: whale watching. Both by yourself and for the family, you can get to experience some of the largest animals ever to exist in (almost) your backyard with Steveston Seabreeze Adventures!


A unique feature of Richmond is a simple one, it is flat. Around the western part of Canada, that is a rare luxury you can use by loading up the bicycle! With kilometers of trails to explore, there is plenty of space to get in an exercise after a good days work, or to warm you up to start the day; the trails aren’t picky with when you use them.


It is no secret the amount of water within walking distance. With the Fraser River, the Pacific Ocean, and if you want to go a little bit further, countless lakes in the mountains, the ability to experience the thrill of fishing is abundant. Lucky for us, there is fishing from shore at Imperial Landing, No. 2 Road Fishing Pier, No. 3 Road Sports Fishing Pier, No. 7 Road Pier, or Mitchell Island Pier as well as many people you can charter with to go catch salmon and other treasures unique to our area. Just make sure you don’t forget your license!

Farms and Wineries

British Columbia is famous for it’s produce, fresh or fermented. Whether you want to stay local with places like Lavendarland or Lulu Island Winery, or take a short trip to the Okanagan to experience Mission Hill Winery, there is no shortage of both beautiful and delicious spots this province has to offer.


An absolute blast I enjoy doing myself is geocaching. By using the GPS in your phone, you can find 20 treasures and trinkets set up by people all over the world in Richmond alone! Plus on top of that, Richmond is home to the first ever GeoTour of a Canadian city on geocaching.com.

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