Recognizing the Achievements of Small Business Owners


Recognition and praise are ridiculously impactful on people. They can turn the most timid people into unmovable mountains. An interesting statistic was reported recently, where companies with formal recognition programs have over 30% less turnover and are 12 times more likely to succeed!

If there is one thing the COVID pandemic has taught us, is how essential “local” is, both economically and socially. That’s why companies like Hybrid Advertising have been expanding so much since then; prioritizing local communities is something the world sorely needs.

Why recognize local small businesses?

Success comes in multiple forms. Profit, relationships (both employee and with customers), benefits, and their contributions to their community are some examples. However, external recognition is something that they can achieve that people need even more than what I already listed. Speaking for myself, one of my primary motivators is external recognition; the feeling of being recognized for my contributions to whatever it is I am working on puts me in the stars. external recognition is the best form of advertising a business can receive, and is the most powerful form in the world.

The Different Forms of Recognition:

  • Community praise: a shoutout on an Instagram story, a recommendation in a Facebook community group, and so on.
  • Review Databases: Leaving a good review on platforms like Yelp add up after a while, and give that business the star rating they deserve
  • Product use: Even the simple act of using the product or service the business created can make waves.

All in all, small businesses are a large reason we have the opportunities that are available to our society today. Giving them the recognition they deserve is vital to both them and us.

Thanks to Barbara over at Big Ideas for Small Business for creating an inspiring article for us to read and share with you!

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