Small Business Grants in B.C.


When building a small business, one of the areas that many will find frustrating is funding. While most will start out with a small business loan, its important to explore all options for funding. Here is a list of B.C. government grants that may help you get your small business of its feet: 

  1. The Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Business Scale-up and Productivity Program, which provides funding for high-growth, Canadian incorporate businesses. 
  2. The Columbia Basin Trust Region Grant, which funds businesses looking to hire full time interns on a permanent basis.
  3. Innovate BC’s Ignite Program, which provides funding for projects that demonstrate how they can correct a problem faced by the science or tech industry. 
  4. The Innovators Skill Initiative, which funds B.C. business to assist and aid in hiring of new staff. 

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