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We would love to be apart of Stix and Bones.

How can we help?

What we believe will help you

We offer a wide range of marketing products and services tailored specifically for local businesses.

Here are the packages for these products we normally offer

We want to offer you something special

Hey everyone, Matt here! Just saw you're off to the races and I must say, you’ve really outdone yourselves—loving the vibe! I’m all ears for your thoughts and would love to help out any way I can.

I have put together a way to start that I know will help get some action...

Professional Website Design

A professionally designed website with any feature you can think of. I can build it up, you can have full control of it and I would be happy to show you how to use it, low maintenance so you never have to pay someone a montly fee to run it, but you are top of line – online.

If you decide you want a new professional logo, we can make it happen. Give us some ideas and well make a ton for you to choose from.

Professional Logo Design

3 Months SMM

A 3 Month Pro Social Media Manager. Promote your business and integrate it with your website. This is where the power begins. Our team will create content and have it posting and running analytics for you and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our Local Only custom print shop saves you thousands on all print material you need. From cards, flyers, to apparel. Anything you want to print we can do, and the prices are phenominal. This alone has helped many of our clients get off the ground.

Custom Print Shop

Family and Friend Discount

After the 3 months, and learning a ton, you can take over everything on your own. Our building is based on ease of use for business owners. We know you have a ton to do, and running your online platforms only adds stress. If you want to continue with our services we will put a family and freind discount on to keep your overhead low.

We also will give you access to all marketing services with the discount. Our platform is already priced to support local business owners, as we know how important it is. This will help even more, should you need antything else along the way.

Access to Marketing

We are willing to do all this for you for $1000 and would love to discuss anyway we can help.