Top 5 Small Business Accounting Services In Alberta


From expenses to payroll, to taxes and bookkeeping, having a good accountant is an essential for small business owners. After careful review, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best accountants for small business owners in Alberta. 

  1. Small Business Tax Accountants

With a wide-ranging service area and a team of experienced accountants, this Calgary-based accounting firm offers comprehensive financial services for small business owners. Check out their website here.

  1. S Group Chartered Professional Accountants

This Edmonton-based accounting firm boasts comprehensive services in personal and business tax, cross-border taxation, and cloud accounting. Visit their website to learn more.

  1. Padgett Business Services N.W.

Describing themselves as “a firm that specializes in increasing the value of owner managed businesses,” Padgett Business services provides small business owners with fast, up-to-date financial information, business valuations, and tax strategies to assist you with expanding your business. Check them out here.

  1. ekTrehan & Company

Bringing more that a decade of accounting experience, this Edmonton-based accounting firm offers business set-up, bookkeeping, payroll, GST, accounting, CRA compliance, evaluation, financial reports, and tax preparation for small and medium-sized businesses. Learn more about their services here.

  1. Achen Henderson CPAs

Offering their expertise in finance, accounting, and tax, this Calgary-based accounting firm boasts up-front pricing and packages to fit your business’s needs and budget – whatever they may be. Check out their website to learn more.

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