When is it Time to Start Exporting? Possibly Right Now


95% of consumers are outside of the US. That is a lot of people that need your product that can’t access it. Barbara Weltman did a fantastic job breaking down when it is time in her article here.

The Basics

Before you start exporting, there are a few essentials you will need to succeed

  • Website: starting of with the big (and obvious) one. A website that is accessible in multiple languages will give you an immediate boost.
  • Financing: You’re going to possibly require a few more bucks to get the bang you will want. Whether you want to loan it or find investors will depend on your network, but make sure you have it ready.
  • Marketing: In my opinion, the most vital piece of any business is a good marketing strategy. Your website and social media platforms are fantastic as they are already accessible worldwide, and even family/friends abroad that ca n help is a great place to start. Geopricing is another good way to get a boost in foreign countries.
  • Shipping: People are going to buy your stuff with the intention on having it, make sure they can! Some countries are going to require documentation, so depending on what or where you’re shipping to with dictate the paperwork you will need.

Some fantastic resources available to contain more information can be found here.

Happy Expanding!

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