Why Support Local


Why shop local ?

Discover products and services that you might not have ever found or heard about before!

Everything from trending fashion designs, hand crafted items for friends and family to unique food items to fill your kitchen when you join the movement and support local

Local support

Did you know that small businesses make up almost two-thirds (63.8%) of the total labour force?

When you support local businesses you are also supporting and sustaining local jobs

Money stays local

When you support local, more of your hard earned money stays local.

Over half of every dollar spent locally stays circulating in the local economy 

Not only will you find great unique items locally, you will be supporting your local neighbors 

Let’s hear your voice

When you support local businesses you are also creating and supporting entire communities. 

When you shop local and give positive reviews to the places you love it helps communities get their name out there and thrive even more. So follow them, leave a review or tag them in your social media posts to grow the movement and support local 

Did you know, many cities have multiple business development areas?

Business Development Areas are great for shoppers to find and support local businesses 

These areas help strengthen and improve communities’ identities and bring in all sorts of new businesses to these areas. 

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